Test posting from my mobile

am sitting in my room or so called my sister's bedroom since im only a "guess" here, close my ear with -again- my sister's big headphone.
Trying to avoid all contacts with earth and its contents.
Create a shadow shield to cover me from all the pain human can do to me.

You must wonder why, or not. I dont care.
I have just declare war with my parents.
Because of my stupidity and my big mouth.

One advice. Only one advice for you. Dont be a Chinese and a Cancerian at the same time. Im dead. Im officialy dead. Im ruined. My life's damn. Screw it all. And its all because of myself. How can it be worse?

How. Can. This. Be. Worse.
Oh, life is funny. God Himself is a comedian. ofcourse this can be worse.

Geez, bitter already.
Screw me. Screw you. Screw everybody. I hate this life.

I hate I cant be with my love, because I choose to. Because Im too scared to take the chance. Is there any?
I hate that I care so much of what people think and say.
I hate that we must behave as culture wants us to.
I hate that we must consider people's feeling when we do/say things.
I hate that eventually I'll do it all because I hate it and gone mad for I cant express whats in my mind.
but most of all, I hate that at the end of the day, I regret all the things Ive done when Im mad.

And Ill hide, try to forget everything, for remember those things only make my heart aching. I cant stand the pain, too afraid to confront it, too coward to tell my wishes.
Ill walk the day, week, month and year, but the pain is there.
Deep in the labyrinth.
eating me alive.
Turning me into exactly the same person i hate.

Thankyou life for being so funny.