What happen to me?

I don't know what happen to me!!!
Laugh some time, angry another time, cry the rest of the time...
I don't understand bout my self, its kinda hard to explain, kinda complicated!
I couldn't sleep, dun wanna eat, I'm so stress!!!

I try to tell this story to my mate, but I can't... Feels like my lip is sealed.
And, so sorry Ed if I didn't look interest in your story cause my heart was so hard to concentrate on your words since my brain is so heavy!
I messed it, I know...
I'm sorry for that! Like I've told ya before I'm not ready for any relationship yet!

Few things seem have become better but the others have made me so depress...
And I can't let it out, that's my problem!
Even sometime it's hard to cry, it's easier for me to do fake laugh, fake smile,
or I will just quite, look at the tv but don't catch any.
I was angry to evryone, including to myself..

Dun know what to do, don't know what to say,
hope I'll be able to become Mei who I used to be!!!

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