US ~ UN Sapa Takut???

Almost 2 weeks gone from all these things,
of course need a huge and perfect reasons for them...
But the only reason I can tell ya is I had exam!!!

I hate these exam things!!
but still I need to do it so I can graduate my school emediately and get outta school asap!
the last view words made me realise that I will graduate soon

Just now is the last exam and the best one I guess!
I was just realise that the best teacher is my school is Mr. Teddy Bear,
ah.. I dun what would my Tata negara exam be if he was not the teacher!
I guess that is one of my luck as high school student...

For whole week I sleep late at night and wake eeeeearly, I mean really early!
dengan bangga aku umumin kalo ujian aku sukses berat!!!

I miss someone right now, but the fact that he never call me make me realise that
once again "all kind of male" are just the same!!
Sorry, man! but yes ya'll just the same ga da bedanya!
Whatever you say di dunia ini yg ada ya...
1. Male
2. Female

En last Tuesday my beloved daddy came!hikz, for only 2 days!
what a poor daughter I am, huehehe...
I missed him alot, I wanted to hug him, kissed him and kept him with me forever!
But what can I do?
I talked to him, had a lil crachy chat with him, shopped together, and ate ( breakfast, lunch, dinner) fuh...

The day when he went back home, I couldn't look into his eyes bcos I wanted to cry
I realised that I want to be with him longer, I wanted to be with all of my family!!

Damn!How can I be so sentimentil right now?

16th May
This is the date when I will have my UN exam,
just want to remind all my mates, STUDY oooyyy...!!!!

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