Days After School

Almost a month after the last day in school,
almost 2 weeks after farewell night,

although I'm quite busy right now with all bimbel things...
which is always turns me to the highest top of my life and at least forget school things for a while...
Meanwhile there's some shit that make me feel sad, upset, confuse and think that all men are jerk, jackass, and moron, huahaha...(I'm so glad that I can say this sentence)
PS. so sorry to every species called men
but since there'll be no man read my blog I'll be as honest as I can...

1. I don't understand bout this species
Seems like they really like to make chick crazy about them and then just missing,
I mean really really LOST (suddenly they have an ability to disappear)...
2. I hate this species so much
Why do they have to disturb us just to sms 4 to 5 words or less than 1 sentence and then stop replying like its
our mistakes, rrrrrrrrr...
3. I like them not
Although they can make me smile, happy, comfort but seems like they must hurt you once (sadar ga sadar)
Oh,yeah they love to make you think that they like you and they happy about it!
4. They're all jerk!
They will sms, phone you 100 times a day just to show their curiousity but after they know our bad side,
they'll gone.

They can never be able to make friends with us, uh...
They only want a sexy, hot and bitchy girl,
They're not from Mars, they're from hell!!So, go back to your community, dude!

2 Response to "Days After School"

  1. -YoHaNNa- says:
    1:13 PM

    well mei
    i really dont understand
    tapi bener2 ga ngerti

  2. Meilani says:
    3:17 PM

    bagian mana?
    emank bhs inggris versi mei cuman bisa dimengerti mei seorang,