30th May was my farewell night with all of Meth2's 41st Generation in Ria.
Never cross in my mind that we'll gone this fast,
Still strong in my mind my first day at high school,
and now I've already had to say good bye...

3 years feels like 3 days for me!
All the memories are still very clear,
its hard for me to leave them this easy...
So, this is something for all of my friends!

Just like the bird which fly away,
you will fly away too.
and like the sun which always shine,
your name also always shine in my memory...
As free as the wind blow
As free as the grass grow
Hope you always free to speak your mind
The last day is not our last friendship
The old day gone, the new day'll come
Get new friends, get new memories
But I wish you'll never forget me.
Good Bye!

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