I'm going to college in the next 4 months,
and "proudly" I tell ya that I still blank bout everything...
I haven't decide where I'm going to study, which university, what major should I take, etc etc...

G, I don't know...
I can't think clearly this lately, all the exam things, job stuff, have made me so stress
and stuck!!
well, I do have some choices (3 actually) including the desparate choice...

First, Jakarta - Comunication Studies to become a PR~Public Relation
the problems are :
1. I have a part time job, which I love so much now. I'm not sure I can get a part time job in Jakarta during my college time.
2. I don' t want to bother my parents with my "selfishication". Note, a tragedy happened last year and occured my family untill this day and its not cheap study in Jakarta, you must have known it...
3. I live with my grandma right now and I have been living there for almost the rest of my life. It is really hard to leave her in this situation

Second, stay in Medan. I will try SPMB to take Law or Psichology
the problems are :
1. I hate Law, but seems its theonly way to get more respect in my big family
2. I'm fed up giving up in my own life. I want to get outta here, being A PERSON who can stand on her own and get what I want to be my destiny!! T o be my life,my dream, and being selfish once in a lifetime.

Third, desperate choice, stay in Medan, forget all my dreams, continue my job as part time english teacher for young learner, maybe open a class in my house, take care of my grandma, maybe take accounting!

Please gimme something to help me with all this shit!!

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