My lately emotion, my lately headache

I don't know what happen to me lately, i just can't control my emotion. i was like a time bomb. Sangat tidak dewasa my friend. Remind me to *high-school-me* and it quite embarassing, you know..realizing i haven't changed at all. ckck. Maybe I should join "anger management" training

And now i feel guilty to whom I yelled,
man this headache is killing me!
maybe this headache which infected me to be so emotional and when I being emotional, i got my headache back!

it's all so confusing!
college, life, him, God, family, friends, friendship
oh i hate this post!
i want to live easily, you know like what jason mraz said :"I won't worry my life away." how?
teach me.

don't mind this post,
this is not what i meant to write before.
I wanted to write about one of Indonesian's culture i saw recently at Jatinangor's street..

1 Response to "My lately emotion, my lately headache"

  1. Yohanna says:
    12:11 AM

    keep strong

    keep your fire on Him

    and you'll get through anything

    My most fave quotation =
    -Change your MIND and it will change your attitude
    -Change your attitude and it will change your behaviour
    -Change your behaviour and it will change your LIFE

    Gud luck ♥